Meet the Team: Nick Arthur

An insight into the life of a Senior Account Manager at BLUE

When did you join BLUE?

April 2015


Which clients do you work with?

AAL, Cobham, Interunity, NAPA, North P&I Club, the Port of Cork and SES Networks.


Do you have a particular speciality you bring to BLUE?

Alisdair tells me that he’s in awe of my reputation for writing intensive pieces on the marine fuel and oil markets.


Weirdest things you’ve been asked to do with BLUE?

To be the voice of Norsepower’s corporate video. And going swimming with NAPA in the Baltic Sea. In January. During a snowstorm.


Something no-one at BLUE knows about you? 

My spirit animal is a hippopotamus, according to


What does a typical day in the office look like?

Reading, writing, and lots of snacks.


What has been your greatest experience through BLUE (e.g. travelling abroad/attending an event etc.)?

I’ve been told some amazing stories over the years. A number of them could’ve been Elmore Leonard novels. Thankfully, most of those turned out to be equally fictional.


What’s the best thing about working in the marine and energy sectors?

Nine days out of ten, it’s the people.


What is the biggest communications challenge in the marine and energy sectors?

Convincing people that ‘revert’ means “turn back into.” Not, “I’ll reply to you later.”


Proudest achievement at BLUE?

Walking through the Messe at SMM, I was stopped by a burly Teuton just as I had taken a sip of my drink. He gripped me by the shoulder, leaned in close enough that I could smell his lunch, and asked, “Would you like a Climax pen?”

Didn’t spill a drop.