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Career Snapshots - Sam Jackson

Posted 01.09.2023
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This career snapshot focuses on Sam – who has worked at BLUE as our renewable energy consultant. During this time, he has built campaigns for developers of new and innovative shipping and energy technologies, and engineering consultants to talk about the challenges and opportunities they see in the energy transition for themselves.

What do you enjoy most about working at BLUE?

Working with people who trust you with the reputation of their business is probably the single most satisfying aspect of working at BLUE.

Also, whenever I’ve travelled anywhere for BLUE, it’s rained…

How did you start working with the renewable energy sector?

When I first started working in PR, I worked with clients in lots of different sectors. But after a few years experiencing this diversity, I realised I wanted to develop my expertise in a particular sector and become a trusted advisor to my clients. I’m a wannabe engineer at heart so renewables with its aspects of sustainability was appealing.

What environmental issue do you wish people cared about more?

There is a deciduous tree species called the Downy Birch that grows in the European Arctic and is migrating towards the Arctic at around 40 to 50 metres each year. Normally trees migrate at just a few centimetres per year. In the new, more northerly locations, the Downy Birch is radically changing the landscape and habitats for all kinds of organisms, which is having knock-on effects on the environment and contributing to accelerating climate change.

What’s the best piece of advice you’ve received in your career?

It’s not exactly advice, but one of my first bosses in PR told me that good writing was the key to PR. 

Describe your role at BLUE in 3 words

Renewable information system.

What’s the most exciting aspect to you about working with the renewable energy sector?

It’s full of innovative ideas, and when you get the chance to meet the people who have come up with those ideas, they really care about them. Listening to them talk is great fun! 

What’s been your favourite work trip?

I enjoyed SMM Hamburg in 2022, we had a lot of clients there, and being able to spend time with them during the exhibition and socially away from the expo was fun. Meeting new people, getting to know new businesses – all of it made a great trip.

A month later I was actually back in Hamburg for WindEurope, which was fun for many of the same reasons, but also because as I’d been to the city, this time I didn’t get lost!

What’s the most influential book you’ve read?

I’m reading The Heat Will Kill You First by Jeff Goodell just now. It’s a brutal story about how the most measurable sign of climate change is the increasing frequency of heatwaves. But the chapter about the impact of a heating world on the oceans is a cataclysmic tale of annihilation and extinction leading to apocalypse. It keeps you up at night.

What advice would you give to someone looking to start a career in PR and marketing?

If you love the news, love businesses and love stories then PR is a good place to work. 

What first drew you to a career at BLUE?

The commitment the business has to developing and deepening its knowledge and expertise in the sectors that we advise. I think it makes us better consultants from top to bottom.

At BLUE, we are always looking for new talent to join our experienced team across our offices in Oxford, London and Leeds. Visit our careers page to learn more about how you can "Be More BLUE" within a leading PR and marketing agency for maritime and renewable clients.


Sam Jackson

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