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Renewable Energy

BLUE lands new renewable energy clients; expands team across three UK offices
BLUE bolsters marine and renewable energy sat comms client portfolio
Supercharging the wind market’s battle for hearts and minds
Global Offshore Wind 2022
Brand and reputation a vital cog in reaping offshore wind's global opportunities
Vidi Energy CEO: Ready-to-float - A permanent cost reduction for offshore wind
New Client: Vidi Energy
The endgame is important, but it’s the journey that counts
New clients: KPI Oceanconnect, Rocketree, and Nachipa
BLUE clients: Welcome to eeSea and Houlder
Building resilience and future profitability in the offshore industry through strategic procurement and new talent pools
Selling PR: how PR and sales can work together to drive business growth in the energy and marine markets
Holding back the Doomsday Clock
Introducing the BLUE low carbon shipping fuels & energy guide 2020

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