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Event season is back and better than ever

Posted 31.05.2024
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This spring has been a busy time in the marine and renewable energy event space. Our team of PR, communications, digital marketing and brand experts have been out and about across Europe, expanding our knowledge and network.

Innovation Zero

Starting with Business Development and Marketing Manager Emily Dove attending Innovation Zero in London to interact with innovators, clean techs, suppliers and others who all share the same objective - to progress the transition to a low-carbon future and combat climate change.

A key takeaway was how delivering decarbonisation requires reaching every touch point of the global economy and society. By using data and technology as guidance, we have already developed solutions to apply across many industries that enhance sustainability to help combat climate change.

The marine panels highlighted the barriers to entry when it comes to bringing clean tech innovation to shipping. One core way of bridging the investment gap is focusing on mechanisms that unlock capital to incentivise the adoption of clean technologies today. Whilst this has already begun, the panel highlighted that more is needed. The discussion also highlighted other factors that alternative fuel adoption in the marine segment will depend on, including real-time emission tracking, innovative financing models, better reporting and transparency on ESG, and a stronger connection between shipping lines and fuel producers.

With the costs of renewable energy continuing to beat predictions, it was discussed how it should be seen it as a privilege to invest in a better future. This in turn needs us to be better at communicating the benefits of the energy transition for the consumer.

Emily comments: “I will say it again and again - the journey to net zero will require cross-sector collaboration and knowledge sharing. Importantly, educating and inspiring the next generation of talent is crucial, and this is where events like this play an important role.”

Learn more about the event here.


Graduate Account Executive Rumi Bosky attended The Institute of Marine Engineering, Science and Technology (IMarEST)'s 2024 Future Leaders Forum, which brought together young employees finding their feet in the maritime industry to learn about its evolving landscape from experts in shipping, STEM, recruitment and beyond. 

The event focused on keeping up with the shipping industry’s green ambitions, and the multiple pathways and technologies available to help reach them. Nick Chubb, Founder of Thetius, led a discussion on the adoption and impact of machine learning on current and future technology. Nick discussed the significance of emerging technologies in the maritime sphere, and their change from being trends to becoming tools.

Claudene Sharp-Patel, Global Technical Director at Lloyd’s List, also spoke on, how to craft a career aligned with personal interests and skills within the maritime sector, and how to build transferable skills essential for success in shipping. 

These sessions provided invaluable guidance for those new to shipping seeking to navigate the vast array of opportunities within our global industry.

Learn more about IMarEST here.

Shipping Professional Network of London’s (SPNL)

Consultant Ariane Perron Langlois attended the latest SPNL event, which shed light on ship finance - one of the most complex conundrums of the decarbonisation transition.

The availability of funds will be key to accelerating the transition, impacting everything from shipowners’ investments in newbuilds and retrofits, but also the availability of shipyard slots.

In light of this, it was particularly interesting to see the latest fast-paced developments in the industry’s financial landscape. The panel highlighted that, for the first time since 2008, all shipping and offshore segments are seeing positive trends. In a market awash with capital and financing options but afflicted by uncertainty caused by geopolitical events, the SPNL event showed how investment decisions are often a delicate balancing act.

The panellists also highlighted a rise in ESG-related loans, where owners must demonstrate that they have met sustainability-based KPIs to access some benefits. This reinforces the need to focus on greater transparency, accountability, and performance reporting going forward.

Learn more about SPNL and see its upcoming events here.

Portugal Shipping Week

BD Manager Emily Dove attended Petrospot’s Portugal Shipping Week and ship.energy conference.

The purpose of the event is to help put Portugal on the map as a key European maritime and logistics hub and cement its position in the global energy transition. The event showcased Portugal as a shipping and logistics hub and its important role in the global energy transition.

The opening ceremony was hosted at the Escola Náutica Infante D. Henrique (ENIDH), where participants were taken on a tour of the school’s state-of-the-art facilities and simulations of marine vessel operations.

The first day of the conference saw an array of speakers from government, ports, classification societies, flag registries, innovators, and other stakeholders. Following the conference, attendees were taken on a boat excursion across the Tagus River, passing some beautiful and historic sites in and around Lisbon. From the presentations and discussions, it is clear that the energy transition is firmly on Portugal’s agenda. This includes promoting sustainable investment and developing a blue economy. Portugal has a keen interest in developing greener, smarter and more resilient ports, as well as being a leading blue economy nation in Europe.

During the ship.energy conference on day two, decarbonisation of shipping and ports yet again echoed through the discussions. We heard calls for a regulatory level playing field and alignment between EU and IMO decarbonisation measures but also a strong desire to see financial support to lower the costs of new low-emission fuels and its infrastructure. Above all, there was a firm consensus from the entire week that collaboration is key.

Learn more about PSW and other Petrospot events here.

Looking ahead

The BLUE team is gearing up for more industry events this season. The next event on our calendar is Posidonia in Athens, Greece, taking place between June 3 and 7. Posidonia will see a diverse programme of sessions on the future of shipping, which will feature many of our clients at BLUE. Additionally, the exhibition halls will be full of the latest technologies, innovations and practices that are accelerating the shipping industry towards a sustainable future.

Following that, we will be attending Global Offshore Wind in Manchester, UK on June 18 and 19. This event is a key gathering for the offshore wind sector, providing a platform for industry leaders and innovators to explore opportunities and challenges in the drive towards a sustainable and renewable energy future.

Industry events offer invaluable opportunities for networking, knowledge sharing, and supporting companies in the maritime and renewable energy sectors. If you’re attending these events and are interested in learning how we can elevate your brand and reputation, we would be delighted to connect with you.

Contact Emily Dove before the events to arrange a meet-up with our colleagues.

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