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Introducing the BLUE low carbon shipping fuels & energy guide 2020

Posted 20.06.2016
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BLUE Insight, in partnership with Bureau Veritas, has developed the first comprehensive guide tracking the organisations that are driving the low and zero carbon fuels and energy market.

The Low Carbon Shipping Fuels & Energy Guide 2020 is now available to pre-order  – please click here to purchase your copy. The executive summary of the guide will be available for free download very shortly.

Shipping has huge energy requirements and no immediate renewable energy source such as solar and wind as seen on land. The industry currently has no viable zero carbon energy option available at scale; married with the pressures of the IMO GHG emission targets of 40% by 2030 and 50% by 2050, shipping is facing its biggest challenge.

The full guide features over 40 organisations, energy innovators, and entrepreneurs looking to meet shipping’s low and zero carbon fuels commitments, with commentary from:

Chapters cover such subjects as ammonia, batteries, Bio-LNG, biofuels, DME, fuel cells, hydrogen, methanol, nuclear, synthetic crude, and synthetic LNG.

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