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LinkedIn’s Latest Update: Prioritising Thought Leadership Content

Posted 25.07.2023
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Exchanging opinion as a currency for influence is nothing new in communications. But arguably, today, expertise counts for more than ever.

I’m talking about the recent LinkedIn algorithm update here of course, which amongst other points, specifically highlights expert opinion and advice as advantageous content and that LinkedIn will look to identify. 

But if we zoom out to the bigger picture, acting as a credible source of insight on your designated specialist subject – whether that’s the role of hydrocarbons in the energy transition or the cultural significance of the Barbie film - is both an opportunity and a challenge.

Expert insight and opinion will now count for the most here on LinkedIn. By prioritising “thought leadership” – a much misconstrued term that essentially stands for possessing an educated opinion, ideally backed by credible data that can be used to enact positive change and influence – with the right content, LinkedIn threatens to make experts of us all.

Sharing concise, considered format posts filled with incisive and expert opinion is the ultimate ask. How hard can that be?

Those of us who have worked in social media for a while – since 2009, personally – will know that treading the line between authenticity and algorithm-hacking requires a talented trifecta of consideration, creativity, and insight. This is why building and curating your personal brand today should also be seen as another pre-requisite for successful content creation.

Encapsulating your expertise, authority and authenticity in a brief piece of content can be tough, especially when you have a nuanced and complex audience in mind. Knowing what your focus is, your tone of voice and which format best suits you makes life easier.

This is even more important in the sector that BLUE operates in, given the layers of the energy transition and the complexities of industry knowledge across the marine and renewables sectors. In the energy transition, climate change and tech spaces, the stakes have never been higher.

Now’s the time to act, but let’s not overthink it. Storytelling, opinion sharing and connecting with community are all the best bits of business and these are inbuilt abilities for us all as humans. Whilst this may enable an engagement and visibility advantage on LinkedIn right now, investing in the right resource, time and skills into ensuring that your brand – personal or corporate - accurately reflects your message and showcases your expertise, credibility and insight to the best of your ability is always a good choice.

Put another way, ultimately, the news that LinkedIn plans to use opinions to spark conversation and connection can be seen as a beacon of positive light in the current tumultuous world of social media.

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