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Posted 03.03.2015
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BLUE Communications has been chosen by SulNOx Fuel Fusions Plc to provide public relations and network engagement services to support the company in bringing a new generation of fuel emulsions to market in the maritime and other analogous sectors.

SulNOx is a newly established global fuel emulsion provider that has developed a low maintenance, safe and reliable high value emulsion capable of reducing harmful emissions and improving energy efficiency. The company’s technology, SulNOxEco™ Fuel, enables the significant reduction of many negative environmental impacts caused by the use of all types of hydrocarbon fuels, fossil and synthetic, for both combustion and burning; including oxides of nitrogen (NOx), carbon oxide gases (CxOx), and particulate matter (PM). While SulNOxEco™ Fuel is compatible with all combustion engines, SulNOx has chosen to prioritise the maritimeindustry, as well as targeting rail, power and mining industries.

SulNOx was incorporated in early 2013 to acquire and further invest in ‘state of the art’ physical and chemical research and development that had begun some 25 years earlier. The company believes that the resulting fuel emulsion technologies, marketed under its trademarked brands ‘SulNOxEco™ Fuels’, offers solutions to previous issues suffered by emulsion technology. In particular the challenge of eliminating stratification (which is the separation of fuel and water) and ensuring that any fuel that has been emulsified is cheaper to use than when the same fuel is used in its standard form.

BLUE’s brief will focus on supporting SulNOx’s ambitious global growth strategy through a full suite of print and digital communications, as well as leveraging industry knowledge and contacts to create commercial opportunities for the business.

Alisdair Pettigrew, managing director of BLUE, said: “While the deployment of SulNOx technologies are in an early stage, we and other industry commentators have already recognised its potential to make a significant mark in the fuel market. In order to be successful in penetrating its target markets SulNOx must bring a new paradigm to the emulsions debate, providing tangible evidence that its solutions can overcome historical issues while overhauling the environmental performance of combustion engines. Establishing a credible brand and reputation for SulNOx within its target industries is paramount to this strategy and we believe BLUE’s consultative approach – consolidated by in depth insight from our contacts across the shipping and related industry supply chains – will be important to ensuring the success of this brief and supporting the delivery of SulNOx’s ambitious global growth strategy.”

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