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New Clients: Svitzer, I-Tech and Auramarine

Posted 02.12.2019
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With offices in over 25 countries, and a reputation as one of the pioneers in fuel supply systems across the marine and power plant industries, BLUE is excited to announce its appointment as the PR and Comms representatives for Finnish bred fuel system supplier, and advisor, Auramarine. From supporting key industry players at a time of momentous regulatory change, to developing cutting edge fuel systems, BLUE is working with Auramarine to strengthen its global presence and raise awareness of its position as a market leader.

“We couldn’t be happier to be working with and supporting the Auramarine team in the run up, and wake of, the implementation of the 0.5% sulphur cap, when its services and fuel system technologies are ever more vital in enabling a smooth transition for the industry as a whole, and mitigating risk onboard vessels,” commented Nick Blythe, BLUE Executive Director.

“In light of changing regulation and industry priorities, Aurmarine’s rich history, expertise and global reach, coupled with its current product and service offerings, such as its fuel safe fuel-changeover system and ‘get ready for 2020’ advisory service, makes the organisation exceptionally relevant and a vital player in supporting vessel owners and managers both now and in the coming years. We are excited to work with the Auramarine team to build its brand and reinforce its reputation as a reliable and innovative market leader”.

BLUE signs-up innovate global marine bio-tech leaders I-Tech

BLUE has signed a retained agreement with the Swedish marine bio-tech company I-Tech AB, developers of Selektope®, the unique active agent  added to marine paints to prevent barnacle fouling on ship hulls. BLUE’s remit will be to enhance the reputation of I-Tech and Selektope® in the maritime sector.

Biofouling is a perennial challenge for shipping. When travelling through water, a hull with fouling attached will have increased hydrodynamic drag, this is due to the attached marine organisms causing increased frictional resistance. When a hull is covered by 10% barnacle fouling, 36% extra power from the engine is required to maintain the same speed through water. With fuel prices constituting approximately 60% of all operating costs, hydrodynamic drag has huge ramifications for a ship owner or operator’s bottom line, while also affecting charterers that typically pay for the bunker fuel in over 50% of cases.

Biofouling on a ship’s hull or propeller also increases the risk of invasive aquatic species (IAS) transfer, threatening marine biodiversity.

I-Tech, a publicly-listed company on the NASTAQ FIRST NORTH stock exchange (ITECH), is working with all the major antifouling coating manufacturers, with nine antifouling coatings containing Selektope® available on the market today from two manufacturers – Chugoku Marine Paints and Hempel. Over 300 vessels are yielding the benefit from being protected against barnacle fouling to-date and I-Tech has its ambitions set on that number increasing exponentially as demand for Selektope® continue to soar.

Alisdair Pettigrew, Managing Director, BLUE, commented: “We have admired I-Tech’s fresh approach and thinking in successfully introducing Selektope® to a market that has been inherently sceptical on new technology from afar for some time now. With our knowledge of the marine environment and its network, we believe BLUE is the ideal fit to support I-Tech and Selektope®’s  further growth.”

BLUE secures agreement with global towage leader Svitzer

Svitzer understand the importance of PR and communications from the brand up

BLUE, the leading business, brand and communications consultancy for the marine and energy markets, has been appointed by the world’s largest global tug operator Svitzer A/S to provide PR and communications support.

BLUE secured the agreement with Svitzer – based in Copenhagen and a subsidiary of the global logistics giant Maersk – after a formal tender process with a number of marine and generalist agencies, followed by a period of project-focused support.

Commenting on the agreement, which will see BLUE focus on Svitzer’s Europe operations in particular, Michala Paulli, Global Head of Communications, Svitzer, said:

“BLUE have shown us – throughout both the tender process we conducted in London with a number of agencies, and subsequently in the project work they have conducted – that they have both the right blend of strategic PR and communications experience and expertise, but also a good grasp of our industry.”

Alisdair Pettigrew, Managing Director, BLUE, added: “We’re delighted to be working with such a prestigious company as Svitzer, and their great comms team. As a market leader, Svitzer understand the importance of PR and communications from the brand up – making the work we do together more rewarding and more impactful.”

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