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The view from Nor-Shipping

Posted 13.06.2013
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With a focus on both the way maritime business is run and the latest advancements in technology, the theme for Nor-Shipping 2013, one of the industry’s most prestigious events, was ‘Next Generation Shipping’. Although busy, the event had a distinctly laid back vibe and the general consensus seemed to be that the 15,000 visitors from around the globe represented quality rather than quantity.

BLUE attended to support its various attending clients in achieving their respective goals for the event.

The Wärtsilä team attended en masse to explain its comprehensive portfolio of marine products, solutions and services spanning four key areas: integrated solutions, environmental excellence and compliance, optimising efficiency and lifecycle solutions, and fuel flexibility and gas. It was perhaps the latter that provided the main focus, with Wärtsilä’s President and CEO, Björn Rosengren leading a celebration of “10 years of LNG operation” dedicated to the world’s first LNG-powered supply vessel, Viking Energy.

Parker Kittiwake
Parker Kittiwake championed its Total System Health Management approach to remove the risk of human error in condition monitoring. A key component of the approach is prevention; using predictive maintenance tools to regularly report and enhance system performance. However Parker Kittiwake believes Total System Health Management is more than just a suite of products – it is a holistic and proactive approach to maintenance engineering.

Total Lubmarine
Bio-lubes provided the focus for Total Lubmarine’s presence at Nor-Shipping. Its range covers bearings, gears, hydraulic systems, wire ropes and stern tubes, which have minimal impact on the marine environment. Amendments to the Vessel General Permit (VGP) entering into force in December of this year have catapulted bio-lubes into the spotlight, forcing ship owners transiting US waters to consider environmentally acceptable lubricants in all oil-to-sea interfaces.

For NAPA, activity centred around the announcement that Finnish shipping company Bore Ltd. will install ClassNK-NAPA GREEN ship efficiency software aboard the 13,625dwt highly efficient Ro-Ro vessel M/V Bore Song. This followed sea trials completed last year aboard sister ship M/V Bore Sea, which proved that NAPA operational software had led to a 5.8% reduction in fuel consumption.

GAC Group focused on promoting their ‘Solutions’ businesses at this year’s Nor-Shipping. These offer an array of innovative solutions for the shipping industry, often in partnership with other industry-leading specialists, and include the likes of GAC-SMHI Weather Solutions, GAC Maritime Security, GAC Training & Service Solutions and G2 Crew Services.

Wrist Ship Supply
With just a few months to go until the Maritime Labour Convention (MLC) 2006 enters into force on August 20 2013, Wrist Ship Supply has seen a significant demand for WristXena, its menu-planning software and electronic cookbook that gives ship owners complete inventory control. Generating further awareness of the importance of compliance with MLC 2006 as a minimum standard was therefore a key focus for Wrist at Nor-Shipping.

International Paint
International Paint continued discussions around measurement standards for eco-efficiency technologies in conjunction with industry partners.

After hours, the creation of Nor-Shipping Island provided a focal point for the many social events that carried on long after the exhibition halls had closed. Fittingly, it was situated down near Aker Brygge on the former shipyard of Akers Mekaniske Verksted and provided wonderful views out over the Oslo Fjord. The TradeWinds party, held on the docked tall ship Christian Radich, brought the week to an illustrious close.

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