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Trendkite and BLUE – a strategic partnership

Posted 11.04.2019
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As the media landscape transforms amid the rapid spread of digitalisation and the ever-changing nature of social media’s influence, the challenge of tracking, measuring and evaluating the success of communications and PR can be complex.

For sectors like marine and energy that operate on a genuinely global scale across multiple media and non-media platforms, many of which are behind paywalls, these complexities can be accentuated.

The marine and energy sectors need a bespoke solution to these challenges. That is why we have teamed up with the leading intelligent communications platform for PR and communications content, Trendkite. This will enable us to ensure that you receive not only the RIGHT information, but also the context in which to understand it.

Why Trendkite?

BLUE has worked closely with Trendkite for several months to add a number of key marine and energy titles to its stable of publications, in order to generate what we believe is the most comprehensive and powerful means of assessing PR and communication KPI’s, including message resonance, channel success, share of voice, and sentiment.

TrendKite is the Intelligent Communications Platform that puts earned media (and you) at the heart of the marketing mix. It leverages AI to help clients understand the media ecosystem and arm them with laser-precise algorithms that show what media is delivering in terms of results; providing:

Why BLUE and Trendkite?

We understand that in-house marketing and communications teams are busy. BLUE will act as Trendkite managers for you, managing throughput of information on your behalf and ensuring you get what you need, rather than a lot of mass data with no interpretation.

Typically, we would run and produce a comprehensive monthly report, as well as quarterly and annual reports if needed. We can also access Trendkite in real time, and provide with all the information you need, as you need it; all managed by us.

Using BLUE and Trendkite in tandem gives you:

To learn more about the BLUE/Trendkite partnership, please get in touch.

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