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Brand consultancy boosted by new graphic and digital designer

Posted 25.09.2018
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At BLUE we build reputations from the brand up. We understand that ‘brand’ is a company’s true competitive differentiator that defines who they are, what they do, how they do it, and why they exist. To take even more control and accountability in building brands and reputations, BLUE has recruited designer, Mike Ward to the team.

Mike is working in tandem with our PR account teams to imaginatively and creatively deliver the design elements of the content and collateral that we create for clients across a full range of corporate PR and marketing materials, both physically and digitally.

From websites and sales and marketing collateral to media engagement, as well as through all social and digital channels, it is essential that an organisation’s brand is authentically represented at every touch point of communications.

“Creativity and the process behind it is a key aspect of developing communications to deliver a brand effectively; visually and emotionally bringing it to life with meaning and impact, enabling it to connect and engage with the key stakeholders that we are trying to influence,” explains executive director, Nick Blythe.

“As PR professionals, we drive the strategy and the content creation process, ensuring the right tonality and language, and that the messages we create are refined to build reputation in line with the brand. Articulating and aligning the brand visually is equally important. In particular, with the advancement of social and digital media platforms and the opportunities for more expression and engagement, the channels through which the brand must be consistently communicated have also increased. We see ourselves as custodians of our clients’ brands and, working with Mike, we are able to assume even greater responsibility and control.”

From a total overhaul of an organisation’s corporate visual identity, supporting development of a new website, creating infographics to support complex messaging, developing marketing collateral such as brochures, adverts, presenters, or designing simple social media imagery, BLUE is helping clients to ensure that their brand is authentically and consistently represented at every stakeholder touchpoint.

Contact us to discuss how BLUE’s new design services might be able to support your brand.

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