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New Client: Innovez-One

Posted 24.11.2020
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BLUE is delighted to announce the signing of new client Innovez-One.

Innovez-One has appointed BLUEEngage as its global PR and Digital Marketing partner.  Our programme will serve to support Innovez-One’s strategy and ambition to enable the many mid-size and smaller ports around the world to reap the benefits of digitalisation to improve their operational efficiency, competitiveness, sustainability, as well as commercial success.

Founded in 2004, Innovez-One is one of the world’s leading providers of maritime software systems for the world’s busiest ports and towage operators. The company is headquartered in Singapore, and also has operations in Indonesia and the UK. Innovez-One is a pioneer in utilising digital technology and AI models to optimise and solve complex last-mile towage and pilotage challenges, delivering efficiencies that save significant costs, time and improve the sustainability of port operations. It has designed and engineered its proprietary software, marineM, an AI-powered platform for managing sea ports and nautical services operators’ entire operations, from ordering booking, resources planning and dispatch to billing.

The phrase ‘smart ports’ has been common parlance in the maritime industry for a number of years. However, the benefits of digitalisation remain the preserve of only a few, major, ‘Tier 1’ ports, who have the profile and perceived financial muscle. This has created an unfair landscape within the port sector. Indeed, a vast majority – more than 80% - of ports are in the ‘Tier 2 and below’ categories, that in the main, do not have access to this kind of digital technology, or certainly believe it is out of their financial and technical capabilities.  This leaves them vulnerable and less able to compete in an increasingly digital world.

Innovez-One is passionate that this situation cannot go on. The company believes that a vast majority of ports have been unnecessarily denied the opportunity to reap the benefits of the digital dividend. Particularly when affordable software and technology, such as marineM exists, which is readily available, and has a fast return on investment.

BLUE will work directly with CEO David Yeo and his team to deliver and champion this message within the market, and handle all aspects of corporate communications for the company.

BLUE’s Executive Director Nick Blythe commented: “We’re very pleased that Innovez-One has chosen to work with us to help build its brand and reputation within the maritime sector. The company is at the top of its game in creating deep technology and software solutions that can transform the efficiency, commercial performance and sustainability of ports; and in particular helping mid-size and smaller ports reap the benefits of digitalisation, which they previously thought was perhaps out of their reach.

“We’ve had a very strong quarter in terms of new business wins, which is very pleasing, particularly in the current environment. Fundamentally this shows the advantage of being a specialist consultancy in a global industry, as well as the strength of our service offering, which now spans research and intelligence, brand discovery, PR and digital marketing.

The new partnership with Innovez-One brings BLUE’s client base to 47 organisations from 17 different countries around the world, spanning the entire marine and energy supply and value chain."

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