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What makes us BLUE blooded

Posted 03.04.2017
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As we welcome our 20th team member this week at BLUE, it seems like an opportune moment to celebrate the business culture we have collectively established.

There is a real difference between the ways in which businesses operate; when companies grow, there is a risk of unintentionally losing the personal service and enthusiasm to shine that good start-ups exude.

From a development perspective, it is important for us to not only embody but actively retain the spirit, ethos, and mindset that initially enabled that business to flourish. From its inception, BLUE has placed a significant emphasis on the values that it is founded upon, as a barometer for decision-making, and to inspire a culture that is – uniquely – ‘BLUE’. And while BLUE does not yet boast the 200,000 employees of a company like PowerChina, even with 20 employees these values remain critical to the business’s ongoing development and growth.

Like any good consultancy, we understand as individuals we need to deftly straddle the ‘personal’ and the ‘professional’ – and from a client-facing perspective fully utilise all the years of experience within, and passion for, the marine and energy industries at our disposal. We all achieve this in different ways, but the active encouragement from the directorial team for each BLUE team member to be given the opportunity to contribute and develop their individual talents and experiences cannot be underestimated.

On the one hand, BLUE’s clients benefit from decades of industry knowledge and communications expertise; the experience of working at a strategic level with clients to build their brands and manage and protect reputations, and helping them to become recognised leaders in their respective fields. With an insightful eye and a willingness to engage clients with honest counsel, we provide perspectives that inspire our clients to think laterally and successfully build their businesses.

Concurrently, our new employees have brought with them their own experiences from varied professional backgrounds that include, but are not limited to working at Department of Foreign Affairs in the Seychelles, lecturing at The University of Buckingham, Sodexo, and experience of working with the Singapore civil service. Through the diversity of past professional experiences, each team member brings new and creative ideas to the table. An essential starting point, from where – with the fundamental understanding of PR and communications locked in – industry knowledge can then be built to marry with those crucial fundamental skills.

It is important to actively encourage all members to build upon these talents. Every employee subsequently takes personal responsibility and pride in the quality of work that they deliver – a fundamental part of a well-functioning and ultimately dynamic professional environment. All these qualities form the crucial backbone of values that BLUE upholds: for the team to be dynamic, intuitive, insightful, accountable, and, most importantly of all, kindred.

By Kimali Brook, Junior Account Executive 


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