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Career Snapshots - Simon Haynes

Posted 03.01.2024
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This career snapshot focuses on Simon – who works at BLUE as our Creative Lead. During this time, he has created brand ID concepts across a wide range of companies within the maritime and renewable sectors while keeping them exciting.

What do you enjoy most about working at BLUE? 

I love getting involved in all parts of the creative process. My role is a conceptual creative one – where I help create and develop strategic insight and ideas. However, at BLUE I get to roll up my sleeves and get hands-on in every aspect of the work, from writing concepts all the way through to producing, delivering and tracking them.  

How did you start your brand and creative career?

While studying animation and TV graphics, one of my lecturers suggested I take an advertising copy test for a post-grad at West Herts Uni, Copywriting and Art Direction. That course set me up for a career in the London advertising agency scene. I got my first real break at Griffin Bacal – from there I worked through a range of agencies and picked up some awards along the way, including a D&AD/BTAA/DMA Grand Prix. That took a good seven years but was just the start.

What are you looking forward to next for creative at BLUE? 

BLUE has a clear vision for growing its creative department. I’m looking forward to working with everyone to help shape it.

Why are creative services so important for shipping and energy brands?

The marine and renewable energy sectors are leading some of the world’s most interesting innovations that can make a difference to our planet. They can help make a better, more sustainable future for all. If we can communicate their message, create cut-through, raise market awareness, get people to take action, change policies, and invest, that would be pretty good, right?

What’s been the most interesting aspect so far of working with the marine and renewable energy sector?

Variety. From creating concepts for a brand ID in a nice, warm office to producing films and shooting content on a cold, windy shoreline on location. There are a lot of different roles and requirements for creative services at BLUE, which keeps you on your toes and makes the role even more interesting. 

What’s been the highlight of your career at BLUE so far?

It must be designing and creating BLUE’s evolved brand ID from a blank sheet of paper. It’s not often that you get the opportunity to do this for a brand, let alone the one you work for. This was my first task at BLUE. Together with the marketing and brand insight team, we started a brand refresh from scratch. I love getting hands-on with a creative idea, and this gave me every excuse to do that. And the best thing is that it’s an ongoing project, which we’re continually evolving.

What’s the best piece of wisdom or advice you can give to someone looking for a creative role within the marine and renewable energy industry?

Creatives, whether conceptual thinkers, designers, filmmakers, and all the other roles I have left out, will know that when you work in an agency environment, you are required to absorb information like a sponge. 

It’s no different in the marine and renewable energy industries. The opportunities are big. The scope of work is huge. It’s a sector that is growing in importance and will need great creatives to work on similarly great briefs. Maybe the difference is that in the marine and renewable energy sectors, you’ll need to be a bigger sponge.

Describe your role at BLUE in 3 words 

Focussed, conceptual and hands-on.

What's next for creative services within the marine and renewable energy sectors?

We listen to and read about sustainable innovation all the time. The Marine and Renewable Energy sectors are leading some of the most interesting sustainable innovations out there. They really can make a difference to our planet. We’re a part of that. It’s a great opportunity to add to the thinking, to deliver good creative concepts, production and support.

Favourite thing to do outside of work?

It changes. Right now, it’s screen printing. Working in a world that has gone digital, I love how labour-intensive and organic screen printing is. You must go through so many phases to produce a piece of art... and at each stage, it can go wrong. So, when it goes right, you appreciate it a bit more.

At BLUE, we are always looking for new talent to join our experienced team across our offices in Oxford, London, and Leeds. Visit our careers page to learn more about how you can "Be More BLUE" within a leading PR and marketing agency for maritime and renewable clients.

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