Meet the team: Georgia Bailey

Account Executive Georgia Bailey answers ten juicy questions on life as part of the BLUE crew.

1. When did you join BLUE?

I started at BLUE back in January – soon to celebrate my one year blueversary


2. Which clients do you work with?

Ardmore, Auramarine, Chelsea Technologies, Cobham SATCOM, Infospectrum and NAPA


3. Do you have a particular speciality you bring to BLUE?

I have by default become BLUE’s resident Instagram coordinator; getting the industry on the ‘gram’ – one client at a time…

There’s nothing like a good boomerang to add a little excitement to shipping!


4. Weirdest things you’ve been asked to do with BLUE?

Ferret racing (no ferrets were harmed in the process!)


5. Something no-one at BLUE knows about you?

I used to be quite the goth, with a penchant for Slipknot, facial piercings and electric guitar (badly played)


6. What does a typical day in the office look like?

As an AE you are required to be a bit of a jack of all trades and work both proactively and reactively; my day usually consists of lots of to-do lists, client meetings, writing and way too much coffee!


7. What has been your greatest experience through BLUE (e.g. travelling abroad/attending an event etc.)?

It has to be the people I have met and had the pleasure to work with! Working in a consultancy that specialises in truly global sectors, means I get to work with people from all over the world and provides a great oversite into the maritime industry as a whole.


8. What’s the best thing about working in the marine and energy sectors?

The industry is currently undergoing momentous change in regards to regulation and faces huge challenges in reducing its carbon footprint. From reading a lot of news and working with clients in the green tech space and ship owners, I have a unique overview of the possible scope for innovation and the factors halting such global transformation. It is both fascinating and frustrating to see the evolution of an industry that in so many ways still shies away from disruption and transformation.


9. What is the biggest communications challenge in the marine and energy sectors?

To flip this question slightly on its head, to take the maritime industry, I believe one of the biggest communication challenges the industry faces is its own reputation – and how it is perceived. A lack of cohesive communications, exacerbated by a lack of diversity and the, sadly still true in some parts, notion of an ‘old boys club’, makes the sector appear old fashioned – when in fact there are very innovative people in the industry, with fantastic minds driving change. This is just not seen enough.


10. Proudest achievement at BLUE?

Instigating weekly Friday drinks in the office (: