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Renewable Energy

Accelerating the renewable energy transition  

Elevate your presence in the renewable energy landscape with BLUE, your strategic partner in navigating the dynamic shift towards a decarbonised global economy. Two decades of pioneering development have propelled renewable energy into every facet of our daily lives. As this industry matures and diversifies, positioning your renewable energy brand strategically is crucial for seizing opportunities and accelerating progress. 

At BLUE, we specialise in renewable energy PR and marketing, helping brands carve out their unique voice and relevance in this evolving landscape. We talk your language and know the market intimately and can support you in defining and communicating the positive impact you make to your stakeholders and broader society.

So, let’s talk renewable energy.   

Renewable energy PR, brand and marketing services

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Integrated brand, PR & communications and digital marketing expertise to tell your story with impact

BLUE has been a key participant in renewable energy for over a decade, playing our part in the progress made on the journey from legacy oil and gas to making large scale renewable energy a reality.  

From future fuels, offshore wind and energy storage to solar and wave power generation, our breadth of experience means that we understand the issues, the stakeholders, the challenges, and the opportunities you face. 

We work with over 80 clients worldwide, and rank in the top 10 of UK B2B agencies, with a 45+ strong team of industry specialists to help you tell your story.   

Integrated PR & communications, brand strategy, creative, digital marketing and insight services give you seamless support from a dedicated team of experts.  Building brands that truly inspire, make meaningful connections, influence action and develop market leading reputations.

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“BLUE have been thoroughly professional and supportive throughout the project, often working flexibly as the new growth strategy took shape. The perception audit was invaluable, underpinning the new narrative, while the website design and development work has given us a vastly enhanced platform which is now actively engaging with new and existing audiences. BLUE are always highly responsive, well-organised and eager to make suggestions – a pleasure to work with.”
Dan Jones and Thecla Keizer, Marketing & Communications team
"BLUE moved us from an initial position of ‘healthy scepticism’ to becoming ‘convinced advocates’ of the process, approach and the people we worked with. We haven’t just straightened out the look and feel of the brand but have also addressed and resolved deep-seated challenges of marketing strategy and clarity of thinking".
Simon Hill, Chief Financial Officer
"With its vast network and deep industry knowledge, BLUE is by far the leading communications consultancy specialising in the maritime industry. They have been hugely instrumental in helping to introduce and accelerate our sustainable marine fuel proposition. And not only that, they’re just really fun to work with too!"
Dirk Kronemeijer, Chief Executive Officer

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