The energy sector has entered a period of rapid transition.

The catalyst for this change – the decision made at COP21 in Paris in late 2016, underpinned more recently at COP26 in Glasgow – has triggered an energy transition from fossil to renewable energy that will last throughout the 21st Century. This challenges the very core of the energy markets.

When, how, and what does change look like?

For energy producers, their partners and suppliers, Paris triggered major divestment. For innovative companies pioneering new fuels and clean technology, and for the suppliers of new energy sources such as wind, solar, fuel cells and batteries, this is an exciting time at a new frontier of growth and opportunity.

For those companies set-up to supply services to the oil sector, they have to adapt or die. Do they leap into investment in new fuels such as sustainable biofuels, methanol or hydrogen, or focus on investment in energy efficiency? And how does digitalisation affect this transition? BLUE operates at the confluence of these issues and challenges, supporting organisations in grasping the opportunity; building brands empowered by true sustainability.


BLUE works with companies in the energy sector spanning:

  • Renewables
  • Power generation
  • LNG
  • Wind
  • Solar
  • Clean technology
  • Energy extraction
  • Monitoring and measuring equipment providers
  • Biofuels and batteries
  • NGOs

At a transformational time for the energy sector, we are passionate about supporting companies in managing the transition to a low carbon environment.


Over the time we have worked with BLUE, the scope of work they handle for the SEA\LNG coalition has steadily increased. As well as assisting with content creation, BLUE provides communications support across a wide variety of channels, from traditional, social, and digital media, to events, newsletters, and direct member liaison. BLUE’s knowledge of, and networks within, the marine and energy industries have proven extremely useful, enabling them to act as strategic advisors. They are very well organised and their ability to work as a true extension of our team has been highly appreciated.


Chief Operating Officer - SEA\LNG

With its vast network and deep industry knowledge, BLUE is by far the leading communications consultancy specialising in the maritime industry. They have been hugely instrumental in helping to introduce and accelerate our sustainable marine fuel proposition. And not only that, they’re just really fun to work with too!


CEO - GoodFuels

Following years of successful work with Kittiwake Developments, BLUE has continued to provide PR and strategic communications support to Parker’s European Hydraulic Filter Division since Parker Hannifin acquired Kittiwake in 2012. BLUE’s knowledge of both the marine and oil and gas industries, coupled with the team’s professionalism, has directly supported Parker’s market penetration in these spaces. I would highly recommend working with BLUE.


Business Development & Marketing Manager, Parker Hydraulic Filter Division Europe


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