With our specialist communications expertise, industry knowledge and contact networks, BLUE is the leading global PR and communications consultancy for the shipping, marine, energy and offshore industries.

We are truly passionate about our niche sectors and work with many leading organisations including global companies, NGOs, industry bodies, governments and regulators that span the shipping, marine, energy and offshore markets. Our in-depth knowledge means that we are able to fully understand our clients’ businesses and the challenges that they and their customers face. This enables us to create strategic PR and communications programmes that build reputation and enterprise value targeting key influencers and stakeholders across shipping and marine, energy and offshore. It also enables us to maximise commercial opportunities for our clients, which could otherwise be overlooked.

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Latest News

  • 4th February 2017

    Last week’s IHS Markit Risk Forum took an in-depth look at an array of risks facing the shipping industry, covering everything from cyber-security to corruption.

    One of the topics rightly under consideration was the crewing risk facing shipping companies, particularly the ticking time bomb that is the growing gap between supply and demand for officers. Figures published by BIMCO in 2016 show a current shortfall of 16,500 officers, with that number expected to grow rapidly in the coming years. And this is despite the slowdown in the growth of the global fleet.

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  • 31st January 2017

    In the 1999 sci-fi film ‘The Matrix’, there is a scene where protagonist Neo, played by Keanu Reeves, comes to terms with the convoluted and interconnected nature of the titular computer programme – a simulated reality designed to placate humanity.

    He asks Joe Pantoliano’s Cypher – an expert hacker well-versed in interpreting the seemingly impenetrable program – one simple question: “Do you always look at it encoded?”

    Cypher snorts. “Well you have to. There’s way too much information to decode the Matrix. You get used to it. I don’t even see the code. All I see is blonde, brunette, red-head.”

    Astute readers will, at this point, note that a 1999 sci-fi film has very little to do with public relations, or shipping, or the myriad of clients that BLUE works with.

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  • 22nd December 2016
    For many of us, Christmas is a time to gather together with family and friends, but the reminders of our reliance on the world’s seafarers will still be all around us.  It could be the traditional fish dinner enjoyed by some on Christmas Eve, or the gifts under the tree, many of which will have been shipped around the world to reach their (hopefully grateful) recipient.  So we really should spare a thought not just for how much we rely on them this festive season and indeed all year round, but also for the many thousands of seafarers and their families who will be spending Christmas Day apart from one another as the global shipping industry continues with business as usual.

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What our clients say about us

  • BLUE provided important strategic communications and PR support at a vital time, as we rebranded to AAL to reflect the global scope of our operations and our ambitions for the business. BLUE not only helped us to tell our story to all parts of the global shipping industry, they did so in a way that authentically reflected who we are as an organisation, our values and our capabilities. The scope and quality of media coverage has been excellent, and BLUE has provided real support in  protecting, enhancing and strengthening AAL’s brand and reputation.  They have proved to be an important conduit between AAL and the global shipping media, and a valued source of strategic advice, which has helped our success.

    Yiannis Pittalis
    Senior Marketing Consultant, AAL
  • BLUE has ably supported Verifavia Shipping in launching and developing our EU MRV verification services for the global shipping sector. BLUE has provided us with continuous support and consultancy across brand development, message creation, media relations, social media, event support, speaker opportunities and marketing materials. We particularly appreciate BLUE's responsiveness and overall reliability, as well as their extensive contact network that spans the industry. We would highly recommend BLUE to any organisation that needs to build its brand and reputation in the shipping sector.

    Julien Dufour
    CEO, Verifavia Shipping
  • With its vast network and deep industry knowledge, BLUE is by far the leading communications consultancy specialising in the maritime industry. They have been hugely instrumental in helping to introduce and accelerate our sustainable marine fuel proposition. And not only that, they’re just really fun to work with too!

    Dirk Kronemeijer
    CEO, GoodFuels Marine
  • United Arab Shipping Company selected BLUE Communications to support on two important communications projects. The BLUE team was able to provide excellent support during a critical phase of UASC’s growth and expansion, which included to name a few: the preparation and announcement of the “Ocean 3” alliance and “Hamburg Sud” cooperation agreement, the delivery of the first ultra-large LNG ready vessel “Sajir”, reefer services expansion and the preparation for the delivery of the world’s greenest ultra-large vessel “Barzan”. BLUE Communication’s team members were an extension of my in-house team, and they were, at all times, insightful and reliable.

    Mahmoud Fansa
    Head of Corporate Communications, UASC
  • We have benefited hugely from BLUE's media and other stakeholder networks and maritime market knowledge in terms of developing our PR and communications as a global, growing business. In addition, BLUE has become an invaluable partner in terms of business development, uncovering new potential sales channels through its networks. We consider BLUE an vital extension of the work we do.

    Esa Henttinen
    Executive Vice President for Operations, NAPA
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