Thanks to our specialised expertise and wealth of experience, BLUE is the leading global PR and communications consultancy for shipping and marine, and energy and offshore industries.

We are truly passionate about the niche industry sectors that we work in which means that we are able to fully understand our client’s businesses from within. This allows us to really maximise the opportunities available to clients which could otherwise be overlooked. Due to this we are able to offer the most effective and professional shipping and marine PR and communication services around today.

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Latest News

  • 27th January 2016

    By Alisdair Pettigrew, Managing Director

    Despite the ‘Grey Guage’ hovering near to suicidal, a greener future might just prove a brighter one for shipping

    A strange thing happened to me after the holiday period. On reading Michael Grey’s somewhat bleak prophecy for the year ahead in Lloyd’s List: Going forward in apprehensionJanuary 4, I began to agree with a lot of what was written.

    Acknowledging that Mr Grey rarely scribes if not to provoke response and notwithstanding his lexicon of stereotyped phrases that seemingly escape the tracked changes of Lloyd’s List’s editors — ‘nose-ringed activists’ (ship ‘recycling’ proponents), bossy industry-haters (seemingly anyone attending COP 21 that doesn’t work in shipping) and, my favourite, ‘the lunatics from Brussels’, which one assumes describes European politicians and not the terrorists that shut down the Belgium capital over New Year — I appreciate Lloyd’s List’s willingness to comment on the article and post some of my own future-gazing thoughts.

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  • 7th January 2016

    By Amie Pascoe, Director

    All the key events in the maritime calendar have their particular (and sometimes peculiar) charms. Beyond the importance of the event itself as an opportunity to market and network, visiting Shanghai-hosted Marintec allows the unique experience of travelling at 431 kmph on the Maglev (short for magnetic levitation) train, sampling the fourteen cuisines at the incredible breakfast served at the Kerry Hotel next to the venue (my particular favourite), and genuinely immersing oneself in the Chinese approach to business.

    BLUE first attended Marintec back in 2011 and since then the show has grown considerably. Visitor numbers reached 61,997 last year, up by 7% on the last event in 2013, cementing its place as the stand out event for the Chinese maritime market.

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  • 21st December 2015

    The global climate summit in Paris in early December forged a landmark agreement, one that may finally and categorically re-set the course for the world’s fossil fuel-driven economy in a bid to arrest global warming. And one that poses a conundrum for many businesses.

    As representatives of the maritime, offshore and energy sectors, we should be mindful of the signal COP 21 sends to our markets – oil is quickly becoming the unpopular kid at school… and it’s not just the really cool kids saying so.

    Businesses and consumers are more savvy and proactive, while governments are advocating more ambitious clean energy goals, and a push back against fossil fuels has gained momentum, particularly in Europe. This will only intensify.

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What our clients say about us

  • United Arab Shipping Company selected BLUE Communications to support on two important communications projects. The BLUE team was able to provide excellent support during a critical phase of UASC’s growth and expansion, which included to name a few: the preparation and announcement of the “Ocean 3” alliance and “Hamburg Sud” cooperation agreement, the delivery of the first ultra-large LNG ready vessel “Sajir”, reefer services expansion and the preparation for the delivery of the world’s greenest ultra-large vessel “Barzan”. BLUE Communication’s team members were an extension of my in-house team, and they were, at all times, insightful and reliable.

    Mahmoud Fansa
    Head of Corporate Communications, UASC
  • We have benefited hugely from BLUE's media and other stakeholder networks and maritime market knowledge in terms of developing our PR and communications as a global, growing business. In addition, BLUE has become an invaluable partner in terms of business development, uncovering new potential sales channels through its networks. We consider BLUE an vital extension of the work we do.

    Esa Henttinen
    Executive Vice President for Operations, NAPA
  • BLUE has played a pivotal role in supporting Ardmore Shipping from our early beginnings to becoming the public company that we are today, with a fleet of over 20 vessels. BLUE intrinsically understands who we are as an organisation, our goals, our values and the reputation that we wish to build. They are a trusted source of expertise and support on all aspects of our approach to strategic communications and public relations, and they have done an outstanding job of helping us to build our profile and deliver our messages to the tanker market. Put simply, BLUE are an essential part of our team.

    Mark Cameron
    Chief Operating Officer, Ardmore Shipping
  • BLUE's in-depth knowledge of the maritime industry as well as their media network makes them stand out from other PR consultancies. They have consistently demonstrated that they can work well with a global team based in different time zones , and understand and profile the different focus and service offerings of each region or sector of a complex global organisation. The team appreciates the complexity of communications in today's world, often providing counsel to our ideas and initiatives beyond mere PR and media relations.

    Esther Oon-Bybjerg
    Group Director, Corporate Communications - GAC Group
  • It’s a tough market out there and we need to get our message to those who make decisions in the maritime sector. BLUE makes that happen, end of story.

    Conor Mowlds
    Director, GAC Training & Service Solutions
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