Inspirational brand and creative solutions

Successful organisations inspire every internal and external stakeholder to emotionally connect and think positively about their brand. They are clear on why they exist, their purpose and what they stand for, their vision for the future and the value they bring to their market and society.  At BLUE we help you discover the core building blocks of your brand, developing a robust brand strategy to drive growth and enterprise value, bringing your brand to life with creative solutions and communications programmes that truly inspire.

Brand discovery

Unlocking the potential of your brand starts with a complete understanding of how you are currently perceived.  Our brand discovery work creates insights and truths that uncover how all stakeholders – from clients and employees to industry influencers – view your brand, your culture and what defines you. It also identifies any issues or challenges that you need to overcome.

Through interviews and research, we establish the true pillars of your brand and how you are positioned against your competition.  We review your visual and vocal identity, key audiences, sales, marketing and communications channels, messaging and tone of voice to give you a clear understanding of your brand position, from which substantiated recommendations can be made.

Brand strategy

The discovery work enables us to develop a clearly articulated brand strategy, with an agreed purpose, vision, values and narrative that tell your story with consistent message and tone of voice.  It creates a truly differentiated and unique position for your organisation and delivers the foundation for the creative brief and wider communications programme.


A detailed creative brief ensures you can commission the right piece of creative development for your needs – whether that is visual identity, logo development, brand guidelines, website, digital, film, advertising, print, or events collateral.  We have an impressive in-house design capability and also work with a wide network of leading creative talent to tailor solutions to your specific requirements.

Communications strategy

With your brand strategy and creative development in place, we work with you to develop an integrated communications strategy. Combining all relevant channels, we will support you in building a reputation aligned with your brand and business objectives. Using knowledge and insight we will create intelligent content to communicate with the most important stakeholders to your organisation; engaging and influencing the people that matter, building enterprise value, and empowering you to reach your full potential.