BLUE provided important strategic communications and PR support at a vital time, as we rebranded to AAL to reflect the global scope of our operations and our ambitions for the business. BLUE not only helped us to tell our story to all parts of the global shipping industry, they did so in a way that authentically reflected who we are as an organisation, our values and our capabilities. The scope and quality of media coverage has been excellent, and BLUE has provided real support in  protecting, enhancing and strengthening AAL’s brand and reputation.  They have proved to be an important conduit between AAL and the global shipping media, and a valued source of strategic advice, which has helped our success.

Yiannis Pittalis

Senior Marketing Consultant,

When establishing a cooperation with a PR and communications company with the aim of building a strong reputation, increasing visibility, and improving engagement with the global shipping community, you expect professionalism, timely responsiveness, good knowledge of the sector and understanding of your needs, plus somebody that is a good listener and has a proactive behaviour.  Adding to this package the sense of trust, personal care, true interest and enthusiasm, you have a unique package that the BLUE team undoubtedly provides with great success.

Vassilios Demetriades

Cyprus Shipping Deputy Minister

In the global P&I market, reputation matters. We began working with BLUE in 2017, with the goal of strengthening our standing on the global stage and professionalising our PR & communications activities. BLUE has been a genuine partner throughout; one with an in-depth understanding of the marine insurance market, a keen eye for the issues that are setting the agenda and an instinctive grasp of North’s values, messages and capabilities.  In a competitive and fast-moving market, BLUE has helped us to stand out from the crowd, cementing our reputation as a world-leading marine insurance provider and a trusted partner to our Members.

Kim Rogerson

Senior Executive (Communications),
North of England P&I Club

I have worked closely with BLUE for a number of years now and the impact they have made to our business is significant. Not only have they extended our global reach in regards to communication and media interaction but they have also provided expert advice on internal communications and processes, meaning we have been able to strengthen our strategic position within our industry as a result. We often work to challenging deadlines and never once have BLUE failed to deliver on this. Their professionalism, ability and experience is second to none and they are an absolute pleasure to work with. When you work with BLUE they very much transition from an external consultant to a part of your team. We would highly recommend them to any organisation looking to build on their brand and presence within their sector.

Debbie Allan

Head of Marketing,

As a technology startup in the maritime and energy sectors, we rely on BLUE to help lend credibility, create awareness for our brand and, importantly, to help communicate to the industry our ambitions and vision. One of the main attractions to BLUE is their focussed approach on decarbonisation and sustainability, as we also share these core values. We continue to work with BLUE because of a vast amount of industry knowledge, experience, PR contacts and robust network of potential collaborators that we are also able to leverage. As we are building a new technology in a complex environment together with many stakeholders, we depend on clear and intelligent communications to engage the industry in our journey. BLUE manages it all with ease!

Deanna MacDonald


Over the time we have worked with BLUE, the scope of work they handle for the SEA\LNG coalition has steadily increased. As well as assisting with content creation, BLUE provides communications support across a wide variety of channels, from traditional, social, and digital media, to events, newsletters, and direct member liaison. BLUE’s knowledge of, and networks within, the marine and energy industries have proven extremely useful, enabling them to act as strategic advisors. They are very well organised and their ability to work as a true extension of our team has been highly appreciated.

Stephen Cadden

Chief Operating Officer,

We have been working with BLUE since 2016 to strengthen our PR and marketing strategy, which since then has significantly improved. They are professionals in defining the right messages for our target audiences and helping us to communicate them across multiple channels. Thanks to BLUE, we have increased our social and digital media presence, as well as Daikin’s share of voice in relevant media outlets. Despite the physical distance between our two organisations, we are able to work cohesively as a team and they have always given us great results.

Katsuhiro Tetsuya

Daikin Reefer

We have been working with BLUE for the last 18 months and we are impressed by their professionalism, responsiveness, and fresh and sound ideas. BLUE came in at a time of many changes for our organisation, when trying to launch a new brand image and build international media relations. They helped us to significantly redefine our PR and communications strategy, and  further develop our collaboration with international media. The cooperation with BLUE towards achieving our goals and implementing our strategy is excellent. Ship registration is an extremely competitive and aggressive market, and PR and communications need a professional touch. We are glad the team at BLUE is by our side.

Ioannis Efstratiou

Acting Director,
Department of Merchant Shipping,
Republic of Cyprus

BLUE has played an integral role in our company’s rapid expansion. Besides being highly reliable and responsive, BLUE has added tremendous value to our strategic communications and PR activity while ensuring alignment with our business values and objectives. BLUE’s deep industry knowledge of the maritime industry, coupled with its vast network of contacts, has ensured great results delivered in a timely and efficient manner.

Tuomas Riski


I’ve worked closely with BLUE for the last ten years and continue to be impressed by the timely, creative, and high quality work they produce. BLUE has taken time to fully understand the markets in which we operate, our approach, and what we’re trying to achieve. Their help has proved invaluable for the growth and development of 20|20 Marine Energy in a hugely competitive industry.

Adrian Tolson

Senior Partner,
20|20 Marine Energy

Following years of successful work with Kittiwake Developments, BLUE has continued to provide PR and strategic communications support to Parker’s European Hydraulic Filter Division since Parker Hannifin acquired Kittiwake in 2012. BLUE’s knowledge of both the marine and oil and gas industries, coupled with the team’s professionalism, has directly supported Parker’s market penetration in these spaces. I would highly recommend working with BLUE.

Mark Batting

Business Development & Marketing Manager,
Parker Hydraulic Filter Division Europe

BLUE has ably supported Verifavia Shipping in launching and developing our EU MRV verification services for the global shipping sector. BLUE has provided us with continuous support and consultancy across brand development, message creation, media relations, social media, event support, speaker opportunities and marketing materials. We particularly appreciate BLUE’s responsiveness and overall reliability, as well as their extensive contact network that spans the industry. We would highly recommend BLUE to any organisation that needs to build its brand and reputation in the shipping sector.

Julien Dufour

Verifavia Shipping

With its vast network and deep industry knowledge, BLUE is by far the leading communications consultancy specialising in the maritime industry. They have been hugely instrumental in helping to introduce and accelerate our sustainable marine fuel proposition. And not only that, they’re just really fun to work with too!

Dirk Kronemeijer

GoodFuels Marine

United Arab Shipping Company selected BLUE Communications to support on two important communications projects. The BLUE team was able to provide excellent support during a critical phase of UASC’s growth and expansion, which included to name a few: the preparation and announcement of the “Ocean 3” alliance and “Hamburg Sud” cooperation agreement, the delivery of the first ultra-large LNG ready vessel “Sajir”, reefer services expansion and the preparation for the delivery of the world’s greenest ultra-large vessel “Barzan”. BLUE Communication’s team members were an extension of my in-house team, and they were, at all times, insightful and reliable.

Mahmoud Fansa

Head of Corporate Communications,

We have benefited hugely from BLUE’s media and other stakeholder networks and maritime market knowledge in terms of developing our PR and communications as a global, growing business. In addition, BLUE has become an invaluable partner in terms of business development, uncovering new potential sales channels through its networks. We consider BLUE an vital extension of the work we do.

Esa Henttinen

Executive Vice President for Operations,

BLUE has played a pivotal role in supporting Ardmore Shipping from our early beginnings to becoming the public company that we are today, with a fleet of over 20 vessels. BLUE intrinsically understands who we are as an organisation, our goals, our values and the reputation that we wish to build. They are a trusted source of expertise and support on all aspects of our approach to strategic communications and public relations, and they have done an outstanding job of helping us to build our profile and deliver our messages to the tanker market. Put simply, BLUE are an essential part of our team.

Mark Cameron

Chief Operating Officer,
Ardmore Shipping

BLUE’s in-depth knowledge of the maritime industry as well as their media network makes them stand out from other PR consultancies. They have consistently demonstrated that they can work well with a global team based in different time zones, and understand and profile the different focus and service offerings of each region or sector of a complex global organisation. The team appreciates the complexity of communications in today’s world, often providing counsel to our ideas and initiatives beyond mere PR and media relations.

Esther Oon-Bybjerg

Group Director,
Corporate Communications - GAC Group

It’s a tough market out there and we need to get our message to those who make decisions in the maritime sector. BLUE makes that happen, end of story.

Conor Mowlds

GAC Training & Service Solutions

BLUE’s ability to think strategically and create a multi-tiered communications platform has allowed us to successfully exploit opportunities not previously available to us. That’s testament to their ability to understand our business needs, but also – and most crucially – our market and what drives it.

Paul Robbins

Worldwide Marine Marketing Director,
International Paint