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Making digital tangible: proving true impact with ZeroNorth

Showing the dollar and CO2 upside of digital solutions in shipping

The Impact

  • ZeroNorth CEO Søren Meyer named as shipping’s most influential technology leader by Lloyd’s List in 2022
  • Participation on tech industry podcasts like Tech Talks Daily


Recognising the challenges posed by climate change, technology company ZeroNorth was founded to accelerate the transition to greener global trade. By blending cutting-edge data-driven technology with human expertise, the ZeroNorth platform provides a range of software solutions that are helping the global shipping industry cut emissions and reduce its impact on the climate, whilst maintaining commercial performance. 

ZeroNorth’s platform and its Optimise software turns data into insights and actions, optimising global trade for cargo owners, vessel owners, commercial operators, and bunker suppliers. The company’s software improves vessel performance, lowers fuel consumption, and cuts the cost of compliance while increasing earnings and delivering emissions reductions.

The Challenge

BLUE was instructed from ZeroNorth in its first few months of existence to build a brand that could match and beat competitors in an increasingly crowded maritime digital marketplace. As our strategy has evolved, it has become clear that ZeroNorth’s key differentiators are its focus on both profit and planet –communicating that profitability and sustainability can go hand in hand – and in its unique ability to tangibly demonstrate the impact that its solutions are having for customers.

In a world where digital technologies are many, but their actual effects are uncertain, our strategy for ZeroNorth focuses on brand-building through communicating that impact to the market.

Our Impact

Our communications programme with ZeroNorth continues to be successful, and the company now has a recognised brand that is differentiated from its competitors. ZeroNorth is recognised as one of the leaders in its field, and has become a regular and recognised source of commentary not only on shipping’s digitalisation trends, but also on decarbonisation – and on the impact that platforms like ZeroNorth’s can have on CO2 and on the bottomline for shipping companies.

Our Approach

BLUE’s remit with ZeroNorth spans both PR & communications and digital marketing. Our approach is focused on using thought leadership that seeks to link ZeroNorth with key issues related to maritime industry decarbonisation. This content is activated by media relations and honed into SEO and social-ready material by our digital marketing team.

We also place a high degree of focus on tactics that enable us to communicate the impact that ZeroNorth is generating for its customers. This has enabled a high degree of differentiation, as ZeroNorth communicates about positive CO2 or cost savings impact as much as it does about its technologies. We also support communications efforts for ZeroNorth’s various industry initiatives, including its Impact Today working group, via whitepapers and blog content.

Finally, one of our other key objectives is to increase ZeroNorth’s brand profile beyond maritime and establish it as a key player within the technology and start-up sector. We have been able to engage key outlets and publications in these spaces too, including a prominent interview for ZeroNorth’s CEO on the Tech Talks Daily podcast.

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