Sustainable advanced biofuels for marine, aviation and road

Client: XFuel

sustainable advanced biofuels for marine, aviation and road


XFuel produces unique synthetic biofuels for the maritime, road transport, and aviation sectors, utilising a unique refinery process. This process allows XFuel to create ‘drop in’ equivalents of VLSFO, HSFO, road diesel, and – in the near future – jet fuel.

XFuel’s refinery technologies mean that their fuels can be created at an equivalent cost to traditional fossil fuels, even at a small scale, while using globally abundant lignocellulosic waste from the manufacturing, building, agriculture, and forestry sectors.


BLUE was tasked with raising the profile of XFuel and its technology, and highlighting that second-generation biofuels will play a critical role in accelerating decarbonisation across transportation and logistics.

This included increasing the profile of XFuel as a solution provider to ports, marine fuel suppliers and cargo owners, road fuels networks and hauliers, and airlines, air fuel providers and airports, as well as to potential investors.


BLUE developed a thought leadership campaign-focussed approach that complements XFuel’s business objectives and announcement timelines. By segmenting campaigns into quarterly thought leadership, BLUE has established XFuel as a leading voice on fuel market and decarbonisation issues, establishing a platform from which to make the case for a new, sustainable generation of biofuels and the role they have to play in the future decarbonisation mix.

This has entailed securing editorial and interview coverage in major shipping and green business publications, drafting and distributing press releases for relevant news, securing XFuel’s attendance at relevant events, and improving website search engine optimisation, and running paid social campaigns to directly target key stakeholders and follower growth.


BLUE has secured 112 pieces of coverage for XFuel amongst publications with a total online readership of 21 million, equating to an estimated 72,000 coverage views. This includes 41 editorials, interviews, comments, and media mentions, all of which support XFuel’s long term brand-building efforts.

Where XFuel has only been a BLUE client for one quarter at the time of writing, this relationship is already facilitating and supporting discussions with potential partners, investors, and clients.

Looking at digital marketing results, BLUE has helped XFuel across the board with increasing its digital landscape metrics in the last quarter.

BLUE has implemented a strategy of both paid campaigns and organic social content for XFuel’s LinkedIn account. In the first quarter of working with XFuel, there was a 331.4% increase in page views, 134.5% increase in clicks to their website and a 254.6% increase in follower growth.