Career Snapshots

Curious about what it’s like to work at BLUE?

A new series of quickfire interviews offers a glimpse into our work environment through the eyes of BLUE team members.

From professional milestones, to home-working tips, interesting maritime facts, and insight into maintaining a healthy work/life balance, get to know the people who drive sustainable change in the maritime and energy sectors.

Emily Dove
SENIOR Account Manager

We get to know Oxford-based Emily Dove, who joined BLUE in 2019 as an AE and has quickly risen through the ranks to become one of BLUE’s youngest Account Managers. Through her work at BLUE, Emily is proud to be contributing to the transformation of maritime towards a sustainable future. She’s also well-known amongst the office as a competitive sportswoman – regularly challenging her team mates to games at the local tennis club!

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Rhys Thomas
Senior Consultant

This career snapshot focusses on Rhys – who has worked at BLUE for more than six years, and has progressed from entry-level through to his current position as a Senior Consultant. During this time, he has enthusiastically gained experience and knowledge of the marine and energy sectors, with a particular interest in the energy transition, future fuels, and clean technologies.

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This career snapshot focusses on Alice – who has recently joined as BLUE’s new Marketing Manager. Alice is a master’s alumni from Oxford Brookes University with an MSc in Marketing and is experienced in working with agencies to build their brand presence and share their story with the world.

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