Digital deconstructed - How shipping can embrace digital communications

Being a follower, rather than charting the course for others, has its advantages. As the shipping sector explores how best to embrace digital communication and marketing, there are huge benefits in following a well-trodden path to get this transition right first time.

What lessons can we learn from other global industries when it comes to embracing digital marketing and communications?

On 3 November 2022, BLUE hosted a virtual panel discussion on how digital marketing tactics, such as social media and SEO, should be used in the shipping markets to develop deeper connections with stakeholders, increase awareness of industry issues to the masses, and gain competitive advantage both commercially and reputationally.

We discussed the following with our panel of industry leaders and digital marketing experts:

  • Why should shipping organisations care about digital marketing? 
  • What role can digital marketing play in ESG-focused communications strategies?
  • How are changes in the macro-environment, and the growing digitalisation of maritime business, impacting brand communication?
  • Mapping the expectations of younger, digital native generations.
  • The power of audience profiling and targeting.


Carla Gutierrez,
Head of Global Communications,
Wärtsilä Voyage

Michelle Wiese Bockmann,
Markets Editor/Analyst,
Lloyd’s List


Katie Shrives,
Digital Marketing Lead,
BLUE Comms


Mark Stokes,
Inspire Lead,
BLUE Comms