What we stand for

We recognise the importance of our clients’ values in shaping communications strategy.

In building reputations ‘from the brand up’, we recognise the importance of our clients’ values in shaping communications strategy, and we strive to ensure that they are effectively and appropriately represented at every touch point and through all channels.

It’s important to practice what we preach. That’s why our values are also the DNA of our business, underpinning everything that we do. From how we engage with our clients and each other, to how we position ourselves in the market, to the systems and processes that we adopt, to who and how we recruit – our values act as the barometer for all our business decision-making.

At BLUE, we are:

  • Accountable More +


    Every employee takes personal responsibility and pride in the quality of work that they deliver and are equally accountable to both our clients and colleagues; we don’t just deliver what is expected of our specific roles, or rely on the ‘safety net’ of someone else in the account team to handle a piece of work, but always strive to be truly accountable on an individual basis.  We have the courage and confidence to back our own abilities – individually and collectively – and are never afraid to challenge or be challenged in order to deliver for our clients and the business.

  • Dynamic More +


    At BLUE, there is a tireless energy and hunger for success, and a total belief in the power and commercial importance of brand, reputation and communications, as well as the value that we bring to our clients’ businesses through our in-depth knowledge. We recognise the importance of instilling controlled urgency in how we work, based on an understanding of the fast-paced, changing dynamics of our clients, and the markets that they serve.

  • Intuitive More +


    As a successful, pioneering and market-leading business, grounded in commercial and industry knowledge and experience, we pride ourselves on instinctively knowing how our clients think and what they want; naturally and seamlessly empathising and engaging with them professionally, and creating bonds and long-term partnerships that deliver loyalty and trust.

  • Insightful More +


    We engage with our clients on the basis of putting their business first. Using our commercial and industry knowledge and experience, we have the ability to connect the dots to provide them with opportunities that they might otherwise not seize. They trust us to proactively provide guidance and advice on both business and brand development; we challenge and inspire them to think differently, and they respect, value and act upon our opinion and counsel.

  • Kindred More +


    We believe in creating a flexible working environment that is attuned to, and appreciative of modern lifestyle and circumstance. This is delivered by a culture of trust and respect that works both ways and at all levels throughout the business.  It’s about what you can do for BLUE, as much as what BLUE can do for you. The strength of our team is defined by a solidarity for a shared purpose and common cause; we stand together, have each other’s backs, and roll up our sleeves to get the job done, regardless of position or seniority. We believe in a balance between openness and honesty about mistakes and areas for improvement and highlighting individual strengths and successes that are valued and celebrated.

Our Vision: To Never Rest In Empowering Clients To Transform The Future Of Marine And Energy

Our vision is grounded both in our passion for brand, and our commitment to the marine and energy sectors. We will continue to deliver the very best in communications, always strive for excellence, provide services that break new ground, and immerse ourselves in our sectors to understand its rapid evolution.

We believe this is fundamentally important in line with the changing dynamics of today’s marine and energy markets. Digitalisation and advancements in connectivity and technology are changing the traditional models of operation, in conjunction with an existential requirement to improve sustainability.

The transformation of our sectors will create many opportunities, as well as competitive challenges for our clients. Organisations that embrace brand and proactively build positive reputations in the minds of those that matter most will reap the rewards of this radical new transition.

Our ambition is to work in partnership with these organisations, supporting, and empowering them to be at the forefront of this positive transformation.