Nic Burrill

Associate Creative Lead

Nic brings brands to life through simplified messaging, visual representations and user-friendly experiences across all media channels. With over 30 years of experience, Nic provides effective and creative solutions from concept development through to implementation.

He has collaborated with companies at the highest managerial levels, advising on brand design and development, media and internet solutions, film and animation and product design. Previous clients include Lloyd’s Register, LRQA, Anemoi Marine and ICAEW.

Nic began his career working in the music and film industries, collaborating on albums for the Beatles and Radiohead, as well as creating promotional material for EMI, Universal Music Group and Warner Bros.

At BLUE, Nic and his team seamlessly integrate with clients, developing a full understanding of their business to produce designs that resonate with stakeholders. The team takes pride in its originality of thought and operates to the highest standards, producing work that achieves results and recognition for clients.