Our Approach

At BLUE, we empower brands to drive true sustainability

At BLUE, we apply our knowledge, networks and experience to build powerful, resilient and truly sustainable brands.

The energy and digital transitions are triggering ground-breaking developments in renewables, clean technology, new fuels, automation, artificial intelligence and blockchain. These are having a transformative impact on the marine and energy sectors, creating unparalleled challenges and opportunities.

We help clients navigate these changes from a place of passion and positivity, not fear. That’s why we’re trusted to work at board level, solving commercial and reputational issues and identifying new opportunities for growth and engagement.

Since 2008, BLUE has championed the true sustainability agenda within our specialist sectors, helping clients communicate how they’re not only meeting their obligations to the environment, but also to their clients, shareholders, employees and society.

We understand that being truly sustainable and driving growth means navigating complex and difficult decisions.  Our three specialist practices collaborate seamlessly to help clients address these challenges and effectively communicate progress.


We put intelligence at the heart of everything we do; the data and insights we use to inform our approach, our deep industry knowledge, the inspiration and creativity behind our engagement and the quality of our people:

BLUE Insight’s diverse network of consultants apply specialist research, data and analytics to inform strategic decision-making.

BLUE Inspire’s team get under the skin of an organisation’s reputation and bring brands to life with creative and inspirational strategies.

BLUE Engage creates and delivers advocacy, insightful and creative content and stakeholder engagement across online and offline channels; to help clients build connections, influence action and develop market leading reputations.

Together, our integrated approach ensures clients build sustainable brands, grow revenue and enterprise value, pioneer innovation and ignite meaningful transformation.