Our Approach

We build reputations from the brand up.

We believe fundamentally in the power of brand, and the commercial importance of building, managing and protecting reputation as a core principle of business strategy and true competitive differentiation.

We build reputations from the brand up. We help our clients define what they stand for, their values, their vision for the future, the impact that they want on the market, and how they need to be positioned to achieve this. Brand is the bedrock of the PR and communications programmes we create; grounded in insight and industry knowledge, commercial intuition, an understanding of who you need to influence and how they think, and creatively driven through all direct, indirect and digital channels.

The value of being a specialist

We’ve been ingrained within marine and energy from the very start and we’re immersed in all areas of the value chain from:

  • Commodities and cargo
  • Digitalisation and technology
  • Professional services
  • Shipowning and management
  • Chartering
  • Power generation
  • Renewables
  • Logistics
  • Offshore
  • Marine energy
  • Satellite and communications
  • Sustainability and the environment

We genuinely understand the markets that our clients operate within and the people and groups that they need to communicate with. We know how they think, what drives them, and how they can best be engaged and influenced. This ensures that the brand and communications strategies, assets and content that we create are relevant, intelligent and grounded in substance, and that the channels we use to target and influence key stakeholders are the most effective.