Parker Kittiwake

Working to build and protect Kittiwake’s brand and reputation as a market leader


BLUE began working with Kittiwake Developments plc in 2009. Privately-owned by two individuals, the business strategy focused on driving growth, increasing brand awareness and building a positive reputation to gear up for and maximise enterprise value at exit. BLUE devised and implemented a communications strategy to directly support this. In July 2012 Kittiwake was acquired by US based Parker Hannifin Corp, the global leader in motion and control technologies. Kittiwake was valued at $50 million / £33 million.


BLUE’s main objective was to build and protect Kittiwake’s brand and reputation as a market leader in condition monitoring and asset protection for the marine marketplace. As product development evolved, the aim was to leverage this reputation to support penetration of the offshore market.


The majority of Kittiwake’s main competitors were much larger, long-established organisations with well-known brand names. So it was important to leverage core strengths such as innovation and agility in order to differentiate the company. Kittiwake’s growth strategy included the acquisition of two complementary organisations; Procal and Holroyd. It was therefore important to integrate these businesses and demonstrate the full breadth of Kittiwake’s portfolio to support the cross-selling of products.

BLUE developed and implemented a communications strategy that positioned Kittiwake as experts and thought leaders on the topic of condition monitoring. Communications centred around demonstrating understanding of the issues and challenges faced by customers and prospects in the target markets and providing relevant commentary, advice and education. BLUE lead both the strategy development and implementation of the media relations programme, as well as securing speaker slots at key industry events. In addition, Kittiwake benefited from BLUE’s network engagement capabilities; connections were made with both potential customers and partners, directly supporting Kittiwake’s business development efforts.


  • Kittiwake’s reputation played a central role in securing its sale to Parker Hannifin in 2012, a company which employs approximately 58,000 people in 47 countries
  • Parker Hannifin was so impressed by BLUE’s approach to communications that they continue to work with BLUE on a retained basis to this day.