Career Snapshots - Kerry Marshall

This career snapshot focusses on Kerry – who has just passed the milestone of three years working at BLUE. Starting as an enthusiastic SAE, Kerry has progressed to her current position as a Senior Account Manager. A now-seasoned work travel globe trotter, she recently represented BLUE at a number of international industry events, and looks forward to the professional and personal opportunities work travel will offer her in the future.


Kerry Marshall – Senior Account Manager


  1. Favourite thing about working at Blue?

The team. Although we all work in the same industry, everyone has a different field of expertise which they know so much about. Whether it is ballast water systems, the tanker market, bunkering or automation, there is always someone to learn from and debate with. I’m grateful to work with such a passionate and inspiring group of people.


  1. What has been your best work trip(s) so far?

Posidonia 2022. Following the hiatus of industry events during the pandemic, the atmosphere at the conference was high energy and extremely positive. Seeing so many clients including Norsepower, Wärtsilä, and the Cyprus Shipping Deputy Ministry in person – as well as meeting new friends and partners – highlighted the importance of cross-industry collaboration and the value of working together to navigate the energy transition.


  1. Favourite thing to do outside of work?

Being in (or on) the sea. Without it being a cliché coming from someone in maritime and energy, there is nothing quite like a good cold swim in the ocean. No wetsuits allowed.


  1. Tell us something people might not expect about your role.

I work with so many people from so many different cultures. It is fantastic to have such great relationships and connections across the US, Europe, Asia and the middle east and  integrate with these teams. It is a job which is truly international.


  1. What environmental issue do you wish people cared more about?

Threats to groundwater.


  1. Why would you choose a career in maritime and energy over any other industry?

There are so many opportunities in maritime and energy – from naval architects to seafarers, HR managers to engineers, data analysts to computer engineers, and sustainability consultants. People can be interested in coding, design, renewable energy, people, trading and automation and all find exciting careers in an industry which is essential to our way of life. I think it’s an industry that can include and inspire everyone.


  1. Your proudest moment? 

Travelling around the world on my own.


  1. What is the best piece of advice you’ve heard/ favourite quote?

‘Luck is what happens when preparation meets opportunity’ – quoted from the Roman philosopher, Seneca.


  1. What’s your favourite maritime fact?

In a year, a large containership travels around 179,000 miles per year on average – three-quarters of the distance to the moon. To me, this just highlights how much the whole world relies on shipping.


  1. Most influential book you’ve read?

My Family and Other Animals by Gerald Durrell, the British naturalist. For me, the book highlights how nature is intrinsically connected to people, and we should not try too hard to tame it. I also find it very funny.


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