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Regulatory Communications

The political and regulatory framework for the shipping and marine, energy and offshore industries is complex, multi-faceted and transforming the sectors our clients operate within. From health and safety to environmental; all aimed at driving more sustainable, safer and socially conscious industries.

Understanding these new regulations, their potential impact, as well as the opportunities that they bring is a key component for managing change and seizing competitive advantage.

At BLUE we have an in depth knowledge of the regulatory roadmap that affects all our clients, as well as the national and international bodies that define and implement them.  Within this, we also know and have access to the myriad of industry bodies, NGOs and associations that influence at a regulatory level.

This enables us to develop and implement powerful communications and stakeholder engagement strategies.  Campaigns that serve to inform, win support for, and influence the people that matter at a regulatory level in line with our clients’ business objectives and interests.

Our services include:

  • Regulatory policy monitoring, intelligence gathering and analysis
  • Regulatory communications strategy development
  • Stakeholder mapping
  • Message development
  • Thought leadership strategy and asset development
  • Stakeholder engagement and advocacy.
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