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Public Relations

Communicating with the people and organisations that are most important to your business is critical to commercial success in increasingly competitive and changing industries.

From customers and prospects to employees, shareholders, analysts, suppliers, intermediaries and partners. Ensuring you have meaningful relationships and a positive reputation with all your key stakeholders, makes for a better, more effective and more profitable business. A business that people want to work for, work with, buy from and invest in. A business that is more competitive. A business that is ultimately worth more.

At BLUE we create integrated and creative communications strategies that drive this. Our deep sector knowledge enables us to devise relevant and intelligent programmes founded on real substance; campaigns that are based on translating strategic insights into action, and creating assets that can be communicated through all channels. And most importantly, producing tangible results that meet your business and brand objectives.

Our services include:

  • Brand and reputation analysis
  • Communications objective setting
  • Stakeholder mapping
  • Message development
  • Thought leadership strategy and asset development
  • Channel identification
  • Evaluation metrics
  • Communications collateral development
  • Media relations and media training
  • Social and digital media
  • Event management/speaker platforms/presentation support
  • Roundtable briefings/panel discussions/webinars
  • Media monitoring
  • Websites, newsletters, brochures, company reports
  • Organisational risk assessment
  • Crisis protocol development
  • Scenario planning and simulation
  • Media training
  • Crisis press office
  • ‘On the ground’ crisis management
  • Post crisis recovery evaluation and support
Development and implementation of internal communications strategy that:

  • Increases understanding of business strategy and objectives
  • Embeds business values into day-to-day behaviours and culture
  • Facilitates internal knowledge sharing and collaboration amongst employees
  • Wins support for change (new business strategy, merger, acquisition, expansion)
  • Uses all communications channels, including face-to-face, digital and mobile to engage with globally dispersed workforce
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