James Mitchell

Research & Support Consultant

James Mitchell joined BLUE Communications in December 2014. He provides consultant support for the Carbon War Room, a global carbon-reduction NGO. James manages relationships with industry stakeholders, undertakes research in support of the Shipping Operation, and develops Shipping Operation initiatives.

He joins BLUE from the Stranded Assets Programme at the University of Oxford, where he published globally-acclaimed work on the nexus of climate policy, compensation, and investment risk in coal-fired power generation. Prior to his research, James worked with the Oxford Microfinance Initiative. He led the development and implementation of a strategy to improve the social performance of microfinance banks in east Africa using Geographic Information Systems. James has also worked with the City of Columbia, Missouri, where he managed the GHG emission inventory and developed emission reduction recommendations.

James received a Masters in Nature, Society and Environmental Policy from Linacre College, University of Oxford in 2014. He specialized in compensation in a climate policy context and published on the use of compensation as a cost-effective tool to help ensure the success of climate policies. James also holds Bachelors degrees in Environmental Studies and Cello Performance from the University of Missouri – Kansas City and the Conservatory of Music and Dance in Kansas City, respectively. He performs regularly in classical and folk settings.

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